"It would not be long into my career as a photographer before I realized what wonderful and endless avenues it would provide for me, into the human condition.  And indeed it has..."

Graham's approach to capturing a subject's image on film is never predetermined.  He rarely relies on their environment or trappings to  fill in unnecessary detail.  Instead, his portraits, photographed almost exclusively in classic black and white, show sparse and unrevealing backgrounds.  The greatest gift for any portrait artist is the ability to see within the subjects themselves.

Graham is unique in that he possesses the sensitivity and vision to quickly enter the depths of an individuals spirit and personality.  He often creates portraits with graphic reality while at other times with such frailty, one can almost hear a heart beat.  His work radiates such warmth and magnetism that will inevitably turn your eyes back for one more look.  His subjects appear secure and candid, reflecting the confidence and comfort required by his camera to reveal honest, intimate and timeless portraits.

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L.L. Graham